Association Officers and Leadership

PresidentMike Cantwellmtcantwell @
Vice President
Neighborhood ConservationDavid Haringdharing @
Secretary Brian Youngbrianyoung78 @
TreasurerDustin Andersondustinanderson @
Executive CommitteeJames Churbuckchurbuck @
Executive CommitteeTerry Costellobgbtjc @
Executive Committee / Civic Federation DelegateDavid Gelmandjgelman19 @
Executive CommitteeCampbell Maloneycampbell @
Executive CommitteeZach Newkirk zjanewkirk @
Executive CommitteeMehul Voramehulpvora @
Executive CommitteeFrank Whitefwhite04 @
Executive CommitteeCaryn Wagnercarynannewagner @

Association Committees

In addition to the Executive Committee, the Association currently has a Greenbrier Impacts Committee to review issues related to Greenbrier Park and monitor the County’s implementation of the recently adopted Master Plan for Greenbrier Park.

  • YCA Greenbrier Committee:
    • Bob Littell
    • David Haring
    • Frank White
    • Fred Schottman
    • Kevin Petty
    • Melissa Stricker
    • Steven Ward
    • Terry Judd
    • Sandi Berenbaum
    • Will Scarrow

Representatives on Arlington County Committees, Boards or Commissions

Several members of our association serve as representatives on Arlington County boards and commissions:

  • Arlington Civic Federation:
    • David Haring
    • Bob Littell
    • Ted Weihe

Association By-Laws

In early 2003, the association’s Executive Committee completed an effort to update the association’s By-Laws. This effort was led by Treasurer Bob Littell.

The Executive Committee approved its final draft at its monthly meeting on January 22, 2003. The Executive Committee Draft was presented to the full membership at the association’s winter meeting on January 29, 2003. A final vote was held on the update at the association’s spring meeting on April 30, 2003. A 2/3 vote was required.

Click the following link for the full text of the association bylaws: Yorktown Civic Association Bylaws (adopted April 30, 2003).

Summary of By-laws Update

For the past several months the Executive Committee has been updating the Association’s bylaws, which date from 1949. Even though we’ve been known as the Yorktown Civic Association for many years, the old bylaws used the original Northwest Arlington Civic Association name. Some of the other updates include:

  • a statement of objectives and activities of the association
  • provision for four elected officers – President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer – with terms of office set at two years
  • specific duties and responsibilities for each officer
  • an Executive Committee composed of the 4 elected officers and 7 members elected at large
  • formal procedures for nominating and electing officers and at-large members of the Executive Committee
  • updated “standing rules” or procedures for the conduct of meetings
  • description of the boundaries of the association as recognized by Arlington County