Collisions at Harrison and 27th

This is an incomplete accounting of collisions at the intersection of N Harrison Street and 27th Street N. This list will be updated as additional accidents occur and additional collisions and accident records are provided.

The Yorktown Civic Association has not been provided with any record of collisions or accidents by Arlington County after multiple requests.

If you are able to provide details and photographs about additional collisions and accidents at this intersection, please fill out the accident report from here. Your submission will be reviewed and added to the website.

The Yorktown Civic Association has requested Arlington County improve traffic safety at this intersection since September 8, 2015. To date, the extent of traffic safety improvements provided have been the traffic Bollards planned and installed by Arlington County in June 2017, making the curb extensions permanent in June 2022. The Yorktown Civic Association paid to purchase and install See Me Flags  at the intersection in October 2019.

A record of collisions at N Harrison and 26th is also available.

June 7, 2022

Intersection of N Harrison Street and 27th Street.

2600 block of N Harrison Street.