Traffic Calming Plans Being Finalized by Residents for 25th and 26th Streets

On Wednesday, Feb. 4, 2004, members of the Arlington County Neighborhood Traffic Calming Program approved consideration of N. 25th and 26th Streets between George Mason Drive and Glebe Road for consideration of traffic calming measures. Traffic calming assistance was requested by several residents on each street. An organizational meeting for this effort was held on Feb. 25, followed by additional meetings to discuss project options.

The selected options will be presented to area residents in an open house on Wednesday, April 14, 2004, at 7:30 p.m. at Yorktown High School in the cafeteria. The plans include gateways (street narrowing with stamped pavement) at the George Mason and Glebe Highway ends of both streets. Several speed bumps would be installed on both streets, and traffic circles are also being considered for 25th Street.

At the open house, people within the neighborhood that have not attended the design and project development meetings can ask questions about the project.

Before the project goes forward to the county for funding and construction, 60% of the residents within the project area must sign petitions in support of the project. About 200 households will be included in the petition area for these projects. The signature area includes all homes on the affected streets, as well as immediate side streets. After the signatures are collected, the project goes back to the Arlington County Neighborhood Traffic Calming Committee for its approval. The final step is approval by the County Board.

The majority of the households in the project area are in the Yorktown Civic Association. However, the Old Dominion Civic Association includes the households east of Columbus Street and south of 26th Street (the north side of 26th St. east of Columbus in the the Yorktown Association). The Yorktown Civic Association executive committee voted in support of this project at its March, 2003, meeting.

As part of this effort, the 25th Street residents have also signed petitions for the installation of sidewalks since no sidewalks exist today on either side of the street west of the intersection of 26th Street and Columbus. The Civic Association must pursue funding for the sidewalks separately through the County’s Neighborhood Conservation program.