Arlington Neighborhoods Program Survey


Thank you for volunteering to take the Yorktown Civic Association Neighborhood Conservation Survey!

Arlington County’s Neighborhood Conservation Program (NCP) serves as a unique planning tool for gathering data and information from neighborhood residents and businesses. Yorktown created its first NCP Plan in 1995 and updated the plan in 2006.  Many projects have been completed in the neighborhood based on those plans and it’s time to update the plan again.

NCP Plans rely on neighborhood volunteers to gather and analyze neighborhood data, work with residents to create a vision for the neighborhood and write a plan that communicates desired improvements.  The final plan provides county planners with a blueprint for future improvements.  The improvements may include sidewalks, curbs and gutters, streetlights, park additions and improvements, neighborhood art, trees and shrubs, traffic management, and pedestrian safety enhancements.

Each community in Arlington that participates in the NCP has a Neighborhood Conservation Representative that serves as a liaison to county staff as part of the Neighborhood Conservation Advisory Committee. The Committee meets regularly and nominates projects based on the information in the NCP plans, County goals, and available funds. Neighborhoods with more recent NCP plans receive additional points during the project scoring process.

Your time is valuable and I appreciate you sharing some of it in support of this important process.  Your responses to the questions in this survey will be used to inform Yorktown’s NCP Plan.  I encourage you to complete this survey online: https://yorktowncivic.org/ncpsurvey2022/.

Thank You!
Mike Cantwell
President – Yorktown Civic Association