Developer Files Unified Plan for New Homes on Buchanan Street

In February 2003, the Yorktown Civic Association was notified of plans by developer JCE, Inc. of Alexandria, VA, for a new residential development to replace the four existing homes on the Buchanan Street cul de sac at the 4800 block of Yorktown Blvd.

The builder has filed for a use permit that would allow the construction of five large homes on the four existing lots at 2700, 2704, 2708, and 2712 Buchanan Street.

Based in part on initial concerns from the YCA Executive Committee, however, the developer has asked for a delay in the county hearing on the proposal. Additional information on this project will be posted when it becomes available.

The use permit approach provides a mechanism for builders to bypass existing zoning requirements when designing new developments. These properties are currently zoned R-10, requiring 10,000 sq. feet per property. The existing setback requirements are:
front yard – 25 feet (or 50 feet from street centerline)
rear yard – minimum 25 feet
side yards – 8 feet on one side and 16 feet on the other side.

The original proposal by JCE, which would replace the cul de sac with a shared driveway and “pipestemmed” lots, uses smaller setbacks. Two of the five lots would also be well below the 10000 foot required size. To view the proposed lot plan click here.

The Unified Residential Development (URD) use permit allows such deviations to “promote compatibility of one-family developments with surrounding neighborhoods.” Civic Associations and neighbors are to be consulted as part of the use permit approval process in determining whether this standard is met.